Karuna Soap and Chemical Industry Pvt. Ltd

About Us

Welcome to Karuna Soap Industry

Karuna Soap Industry Pvt Ltd has been manufacturing high quality soaps since 2017. We have been an unstoppable cleaning force that has been fighting dirt and promoting hygiene.

Our soaps vary in shapes, colors and flavors including soaps of 250gm, 300gm to 400gm. High demand in the soap market has made us increase our production from 10 tons to 20 tons every day. We supply both soaps and detergents all over Nepal.

We focus on quality of the product as our major goal is customer satisfaction. We are obsessed with excellence and its many interpretations.

Our plant is located at Khairahani-4, Chainpur Chitwan, Nepal. It values energy saving, a global necessity, today. This is achieved by generating the required power at lowest possible cost, ensuring no pollution. Our captive power-supply system also enables us to run our plant uninterrupted at all times. We have a water-cooling and recycling system that conserves ground water.Karuna professional, echnically trained and experienced management personnel along with dedicated and experienced soap floor managers and a workforce numbering 100, orchestrate in perfect coordination to run the plant.

This includes sales, investments, market coverage and financial strength. We believe in quality without compromise. We believe that teamwork, balanced with professional freedom, within the overall objectives leads to high efficiency. We also manufacture and brand laundry soaps which are sold in unpacked form to satisfy the demand of the rural segment.  Our goods are all over Nepal from remote village to top cities and is cost effective and best quality in Market.